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    We know what we want, life is good when you involve yourself in secret, eating money is our culture, I and my men of Caribbean world, we have little boys that are booming all over the world, we want all because all is unity and that is why we never fall till eternity, that is the game gentle men play, it pleases the earth and shame the haters, we rule because we created our own planet to we alone but we need our children to live and enjoy the good things in it.

    Eating money is our culture

    You have to believe in yourself that a secret man can not do, but you do it and suicide is the secret of your success, try and see is a command to allow you do an believe that you are capable but it depends on your believe, Young Billionaires Lights Secret Occult is a great land for the independent,

    Being against evil will not make you a good person, yes money is the root of evil but when you have the evil, everybody will call and make you the good person, you hate evil is not when I give you billions of that evil money, but remember no gut no glory, it depends on your believe, „Young Billionaires Secret Occult need all.

    Members of Young Billionaires Lights Brotherhood international, mighty name ever liveth,just money is our business, We have rules, we have command, we have godfathers, we have commitment, we have power, we have fame, but one family, and a book to teach you what ever you want.

    Sorry, for this post, we know what you know, so it a pressure to be there for a mission accomplished, because you have fight for it in vision, unless it’s something you don’t mind to be insanely abandoned, or be your self, because nothing good come so easy What is that was holding you not to be initiated, mention, it will be afforded, without wasting of time, I mean anything, because we own the planet and we command.

    YOUNG Billionaires Lights secret occult are the highest and ever, kingdom of making money and rebuilding the planet with goods and beautiful, everyone is invited, kids, young,old, male, female, everybody but it depends on your believe, money is nothing to be suffering for, to be crying for, to be ashamed of, if bury the fear to the grave and come back to land of Egypt with power and fame, with money life is good We were created to recreate the world, to the extend that a kid has a power to rule the world but just your believe make you a ruler, too easy and simple just try, We own the world, we lead, also we protect but just we alone.

    Mentioned what ever you need, that’s true living, don’t fear, never loose hope, depend on your heart, sweep out poverty, bury shame and shy to grave, and be a man of everyone, just if you believe Young Billionaires Lights is here to celebrate upliftment with you.

    Money is evil but when you have that evil, everybody will use you as the example of good and you will live a better life, what ever you thought in your self that is good to you is beyond your believe, give life a chance and see wealthiness through it, Young Billionaires Lights Secret occult is a fire a breeze can never blow off, we are like air, we are all over the world, We have godfathers, great chieftains men, titled underground Caliban that will protect you from any business they put you into after you where initiated, but believe your life can be changed in a seconds, Young Billionaires Lights Secret Occult, are made to fight poverty, From nobody to some body, no matter how you are, what you do, where you from, how old you are, we are 100 percent equal to make you a king, and uplift your generation.

    We can change your whole life to a paradise, as soon as you where initiated, many deal to great your life is awaiting your arrival and future.

    For those in search of places to go and associate themselves, just because of money, or things of the world, we are now opened, for you to know that there is a way real to tell everybody that you are created equal rights and wealthy, just if you believe in you.

    Making money is our religion and eating money is our culture, life is good when you hope on something, show everything to those who deserve everything

    Great members of Young Billionaires Lights Occult Society, joined and be rich, no one was born poor.

    Join and make yourself a king of everything in your life and see those you never see before, touch, laugh with them, and you can go any where in the world.

    Your life is yours, you can do anything with it and it’s too short so enjoy it now.


    In every man there are latent faculties by means of which he can acquire for himself knowledge of the higher worlds. The mystic, theosophist, or gnostic speaks of a soul-world and a spirit-world, which are, for him, just as real as the world which we see with our physical eyes, or touch with our physical hands. At every moment his listener may say to himself: What he speaks about I too can learn, when I have developed within myself certain powers which today lie slumbering within me. There remains only the question as to how one has to commence in order to develop within oneself such faculties. For this only those can give advice who have already developed such powers within themselves. As: long as the human race has existed, there have always been schools in which those who possessed these higher faculties gave instruction to those who were in search of them. Such are called the occult schools, and the instruction which is imparted therein is called esoteric science, or occult teaching. Such a designation naturally awakens misunderstanding. He who hears it may be very easily misled into the belief that those who work in these, schools desire to represent a special, privileged class, which arbitrarily withholds its knowledge from its fellow-creatures. Indeed, he may even think that perhaps there is nothing really important behind such knowledge. For he is tempted to think that, if it were a true knowledge, there would then be no need to make a secret about it: one might then communicate it publicly and open up its advantages to all men.

    Those who have been initiated into the nature of the occult knowledge are not in the least surprised that the uninitiated should so think. Only he who has to a certain degree experienced this initiation into the higher secrets of being can understand the secret of that initiation. But it may be asked: How, then, shall the uninitiated, considering the circumstances, develop any interest at all in this so-called occult knowledge? How and why ought they to search for something of whose nature they can form no idea? But such a question is based upon an entirely erroneous conception of the real nature of occult knowledge. There is, in truth, no difference between occult knowledge and all the rest of man’s knowledge and capacity. This occult knowledge is no more of a secret for the average man than writing is a secret to him who has never learned to read. And just as everyone who chooses the correct method may learn to write, so too can everyone who searches after the right way become a disciple, and even a teacher. In only one respect are the conditions here different from those that apply to external thought activities. The possibility of acquiring the art of writing may be withheld from someone through poverty, or through the state of civilisation into which he has been born; but for the attainment of knowledge in the higher worlds there is no obstacle for him who sincerely reaches for it.

    Many believe that one has to find, here or there, the Masters of the higher knowledge, in order to receive enlightenment from them. In the first place, he who strives earnestly after the higher knowledge need not be afraid of any difficulty or obstacle in his search for an Initiate who shall be able to lead him into the profounder secrets of the world. Everyone, on the contrary, may be certain that an Initiate will find him out, under any circumstances, if there is in him an earnest and worthy endeavor to attain this knowledge. For it is a strict law amongst all Initiates to withhold from no man the knowledge that is due to him. But there is an equally strict law which insists that no one shall receive any occult knowledge until he is worthy. And the more strictly he observes these two laws, the more perfect is an Initiate. The order which embraces all Initiates is surrounded, as it were, by a wall, and the two laws here mentioned form two strong principles by which the constituents of this wall are held together. You may live in close friendship with an Initiate, yet this wall will separate him from you just as long as you have not become an Initiate yourself. You may enjoy in the fullest sense the heart, the love of an Initiate, yet he will only impart to you his secret when you yourself are ready for it. You may flatter him; you may torture him; nothing will induce him to divulge to you anything which he knows ought not to be disclosed, inasmuch as you, at the present stage of your evolution, do not understand how rightly to receive the secret into your soul.

    The ways which prepare a man for the reception of a secret are clearly prescribed. They are indicated by the unfading, everlasting letters within the temples where the Initiates guard the hi4her secrets. In ancient times, anterior to “history,” these temples were outwardly visible; today, because our lives have become so unspiritual, they are mostly quite invisible to external sight. Yet they are present everywhere, and all who seek may find them.

    Only within his soul may a man discover the means which will open for him the lips of the Initiate. To a certain high degree he must develop within himself special faculties, and then the greatest treasures of the Spirit become his own.

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